Thursday, August 13, 2009

the times they are a changin

as said by bob dylan himself

as you can see i haven't posted in a long time ive been flooded with work, heavy nights of drinking partying doing things i shouldn't have done and it been awesome fun haha, ive sold pretty much all of my camera gear barr the 10mm fisheye which is still up for sale if anyone is keen, and i have purchased a video setup and have a few things in mind which will be cooooooooool.

i leave you with a photo of my new gear with some epic epic floor tiles, hope everyone is scoring waves, bitchez, good times etc etc.

till next time peace out.


  1. hey mate i´ve noticed that ur jvc is the same as mine and I would like to ask you wich program do you use to convert .tod files into mpg whithout using the power cinema NE for everio that comes with the camera.


  2. careful not to cop those bolts in the face!