Wednesday, April 29, 2009

2 dayz

till the perth prem of PASTICHE!, friday the 1st thats right kids there will be...

Claws and Teeth says: (1:27:44 PM)
ok theres gonna be mad pros
Claws and Teeth says: (1:27:47 PM)
mad ho's
Claws and Teeth says: (1:27:53 PM)
mad giveaways
Claws and Teeth says: (1:28:11 PM)
there will be a limited number of vids available
Sam Bromwich says: (1:28:16 PM)
im righting exactly that
Claws and Teeth says: (1:28:43 PM)
if u cant get a ticket from ebb dont worry coz u can pay for entry on the night
Sam Bromwich says: (1:29:12 PM)
Claws and Teeth says: (1:29:49 PM)
be there before 7pm or we'll start without ya and u dont wanna miss the motherfuckin intro coz your gonna shit your pants when u see it
Sam Bromwich says: (1:30:12 PM)
im copy and pasting all this haha
Claws and Teeth says: (1:34:18 PM)
entry $10, dvds $15 (limited numbers). DVD comes with awesome photo booklet made by transitsurf and alex turoy.
Claws and Teeth says: (1:34:39 PM)

youve herd it from the birds mouth people, so be excited VERY excited. No photos today will have some from da sunny coastz later in the week.


Saturday, April 25, 2009


sucks. twice in two days ive lost golf, my friend scott has taken the cake now he thinks hes the be all and end all of the golfing world, less shit talk more photos.

here are two photos ive found lying around on the hard drive, there of a friend by the name of trent brown, one at a wedge south of perth and the other is tow, last photo is of brad hughes at the same wedge.

7 days till west and i fly out to the land of band shirts and death metal, cant wait.




also check out gurneys flickr for some awesome photos, props to ya gurns

Thursday, April 23, 2009

alex scores science

good friend alex halsey has recently signed with science bodyboards i asked him what he had to say about it

"alex halsey says: (5:56:20 PM)

thats what he rekons, well done alex you deserve it mate, heres a shot of alex boosting couple weeks ago


In other news i am now addicted to golf, after playing 4 games in the past 2 weeks im pretty much the next tiger woods, also its 8 days till the perth prem of PASTICHE is on the big screen so hurry up and get your tickets from ebb or contact chob as ebb mandurah has now closed down.

heres the final trailer.

Pastiche Trailer from dan claws on Vimeo.

im out.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

so it begins...

Like most people in this world ive decided to make a blog, it will contain the ins and outs of whats been happening, what ive been thinking and anything i feel like posting. So to start off heres a some from the past couple of days. speak soon humans