Wednesday, May 20, 2009


humma is the man
that is all i need to say about him

heres a few photos of him and the same day empty i liked

also check out BEYOND a little later on tonight as it will be updated with a bunch of cool shit aswell as the NEW winter catalogue

Monday, May 18, 2009


i sam bromwich now have a job,
full time which sucks, but still i get money and money means trips and trips means good times.
ive been wanting to show these photos for a long time but the shots were held by a couple of magzz
now i can because once again i got barred haha, 1st two photos are of good pal adam luehman who has also joined the blogworld, check it out for some mad updatez
last photo is one of my favorite water photos ive taken its of Dave Delroy at "the box".

i was very surprised to see that my favorite place on the world was on the news tonight,
apparently there has been 4 sightings of a massive great white off strickos, heavvvvvy shit.

uploads might have killed the qualityz sorry, more soon.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


wedge was a joke,
shit waves 
took some photos

also my film came back from a while back with a hole bunch on random stuff

also heres an old photo of mr backshall.

looks like theres waves coming hopefully this wind stays good,
till next post

Sunday, May 10, 2009


my evaluation of sunny coast, hoax. 
got bad waves,
no girls,
and the only thing good about it is a place called the "Cabaret Nightclub"
if anyone is ever is brisbane/the valley i strongly recommend going there.

last night i missed my flight back to perth, thinking the flight was at 10 oclock when it really was at 8 oclock, stupid 24 hour times

ill also add thanks Nick "salami" "romeo" Rubesaame for letting me crash at his pad for a week, and to Mr Ben Lee for helping me out when i miss flights haha, by the way his bird talks so dope.

photo time.

perth prem


i miss home

dbah on a "normal" day


Monday, May 4, 2009

so after the perth prem west and i have headed east for the rest of the prems, but im flagging the last two prems and leaving west on his own ha, prems have been fun hanging out with the qld dudes. thanks very much to the waluews for letting us crash at the pad.

staying with rubersaame at the mo and hopefully HOPEFULLY get waves this week, today was tiny like coogee on a 5m swell,
heres some photos of whats been going on over eastttttttttttt.

goldy prem.

sunny coast grommets

myself at "end wedge"


waluew chills

west is hasseling me to use this free net so im out.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

its 12.12 am

im sitting at the waluews house cant get to sleep and west keeps farting,

the perth prem of PASTICHE was on last night, amazing movie. heres one of the crowd in the foyer

might get waves tomorrow if not more photos from the goldy prem tomorrow night!

hope everyones getting waves.